Exploding planet in search of points

In our game Spacero, you play as captain space or backspace who will use the space and backspace keys respectively to journey through the universe in search of points. Inevitably this leads to conflict and both must use their unique skills to best one another. In competitions to see who can secure more points out of a limited few, space and backspace, will explode planets to propel themselves, block the paths of their enemies, and in some cases even end their opponent's life. backspace can also use the enter key to change the rotation of an object, while space can use alt to gain access to emergency thrust once in air. Games end when all points are collected, one player collides into anther or a player is left on an exploded planet. In the former two cases the player with more points wins, leading to interesting decisions between trying to further your lead and hurry the end of the game by pursuing additional points, or pursuing the other player to arrive at the fastest and most decisive victory. Spacero's working title was capitalism at the end of the galaxy, but the game heavily diverged from its routes in pursuit of mechanics. As a result some of the controls or game states might at first seem confusing at first, but we believe our game can stand tall once learned. Thank you.

We couldn't git the whole code in submission size, sorry.

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