Personal Space

Twist on the meaning of space and personal space

We wanted to explore what "space" means to people, but outer space is too obvious of a choice. Instead, we picked personal space as a theme because it's something that affects us constantly. There are hundreds of unsaid cultural rules about personal space that no one really bothers to explore.

One of these rules is the rule that you should leave 1 stall or 1 urinal of space between you and another person in the bathroom if you can. We found this to be interesting that we all are so uncomfortable when another person is doing their business nearby. We took this to the extreme with our game Personal Space, which examines the limitations that this rule imposes. Characters in our game are extremely slowed by nearby business-doers. Of course, when toilets are involved, things get pretty silly, and your characters will explode if they don't make it to the toilet in time. We hope you enjoy this twist on the meaning of space and personal space!

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